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Cost-Effective Solutions | Aggressive Representation

At the Law Office of David S. Barrett, in downtown Sacramento, California, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality legal representation in complex matters that may challenge even the largest law firms. We believe that litigation is often wo​​​​n or lost on the front end — the preparation, the research and the framing of the issues — long before it reaches a courtroom or a settlement table.

An aggressive and diligent attorney from the start puts in the extra effort to develop creative strategies and efficient solutions. We bring a wealth of experience into play for every client. Our diverse backgrounds and extensive knowledge of multiple areas of law gives us a ​​strategic vantage point from which to view and pursue the best route to success.

Ca​lifor​​​​nia Business, Inte​llectual Property and Real Estate Law ​Attorney​​​​

Trial lawyer David S. Barrett works directly with businesses (especially small-businesses) and real estate professionals in Sacramento County and surrounding areas o​f Northern California.  Negotiating and litigating business and real estate disputes aggressively ​​is essential to obtain leverage for your side, however aggressiveness can sometimes work against your business and real estate interests.  Our office attorneys are keen on knowing the appropriate posture to take at the particular time in a business or real estate dispute. This pressure includes knowing when to aggressively obtaining information from the opposing party including electronic disc​ov​ery.​​

Specific areas of their legal practice include:

Real Estate Fraud Protection

Real estate is usually a person's largest asset during their lifetime, therefore it is a wise investment for a buyer or seller hiring an attorney to protect their interests in the purchase and sale of real estate.   The law requires that the seller make certain disclosures to the buyer regarding the condition of the real estate. Sellers often think that listing the real estate "as is" is sufficient, but it is not.  Litigation attorney David S. Barrett can provide effective advice to sellers to help insolate them from future claims of fraudulent non-disclosure.  For buyers, we can provide you with advise on effectively inquiring into the real estate history, real estate broker's competence, and condition of the real estate​.

Downtown Sacramento Law Office​

We understand that "winning at all costs" is a hollow victory for clients watching the bottom line. We strive for workable solutions that keep legal costs low and avoid litigation if possible. Our clients get value for every dime spent, without padded hours for "additional services."

Contact a Sacramento business law attorney at our California law firm by calling 916-440-0233 to arrange a consultation about your objectives.